Thursday, 29 December 2011

2012 is getting closer..

Gorilla Workout
After a few days with lots of Christmas holiday food, I'm getting more eager to get started with my life changes. I'm looking forward to start working out regularly and while I'm waiting to get started, I'm doing a lot of research online, looking for ways to eat more healthy, and what to eat..
So far I have come to the conclusion it's a good idea to eat slow-burn carbs, as it keeps your blood-sugar lower and steadier, than eating fast-burning carbs.

I am also looking at different apps for my iPhone and iPad, to either keep track of workouts, give ideas for workouts, or keep track of weight and other measurements.
Some of the apps are:
- All Fitness (iPhone $.99) - Body-tracker, calorie counter, Find workouts (GYM-required)
- Gorilla Workout (Universal iPhone/iPad app $1.99) - App with 40+ exercises without equipment, with 4 different levels, from beginner to athlete.
- Your Gym (iPhone $1.99) - App based on the book "You are your own gym" by Mark Lauren, which contains bodyweight exercises using only yourself and your surroundings, no GYM required.
- Endomondo (iPhone FREE) - Track fitness workouts, such as running, hiking, cycling, etc. Pro version available for $3.99, with ability to compete against your previous workouts, Time Goal, Calorie Goal, Graphs with lap times, heart rate (additional equipment required), speed, altitude throughout workout.
I will let you know what I think about the apps, when I have tried them out some more, but I am looking forward to getting started.