Sunday, 18 December 2011


Welcome to my blog.

Why did I make this blog about my life, you might ask, well let me tell you :)
I created the blog, because I read in a fitness magazine (February 2012 issue of Men's Fitness), that it is a good idea to have a food diary, when making changes to one's life, but that it is an even better idea to make a food blog, so one is able to share it with one's friends - so they can keep an eye on and motivate you.
That is why I decided to make a blog, not only a food blog, for what I eat, but for my workouts as well.

I want to change the way I live my life - like how / what I eat - and I hope you guys want to follow my progress and cheer me on, so I accomplish the goals I am going to set for myself.

I also read in the magazine, that you should "only make one major change in your life at a time and aim to stick to it for 21 days, which is how long it takes to break a bad habit", according to Shaun Stafford
So for some, the goals might seem small, but I have several goals in mind, and I am going to focus on one at a time, to better accomplish them, and also not set the bar too high, and end up disappointed.

So, holidays are coming up, and school is almost done for this year, and I am going home to my family this Christmas, which also means lots of food, sweets, and soda (and alcohol for some).. Therefore I have decided not to focus on changing my lifestyle, until after January 1st, so I can enjoy Christmas and be really unhealthy.

So I really hope you will help me reach my goals and cheer me on :)
Stay tuned for more updates