Friday, 28 December 2012

New Year's Resolutions

2012 is slowly coming to an end, now that we've had Christmas and New Year's Eve's just a few days away.
With 2013 getting closer as the days go by, more and more people are going to make New Year's Resolutions (NYR), so I thought I'd share a bit of information about how to stick to them, and what my resolutions are.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays

It's the 24th here, the day we celebrate Christmas here in Denmark, which means some people will go to church, we'll watch the annual Disney's Christmas show, have a great feast, and open all of our presents.

It has been about a year, since I created this blog, and in that time I've had lots of views and the blog has changed directions in that time as well.

Friday, 23 November 2012

10 Nutrition Tips to Gaining Muscle

I thought it was time to give you a few nutritional tips to gaining muscle.

1. Eat Plenty of Protein.
Proteins are the building blocks of your muscles, and if you want to gain muscle mass, you need to eat more than the muscles use.

2. Make sure it the right kind of proteins.
Your protein should come from lean sources such as lean beef, turkey, fish like salmon, chicken breasts, and fat-free or low-fat cottage cheese.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Importance of Back training, when doing chest-work

How much do you bench ?
That is often the most asked question, if you talk with friends about working out.
Men often want a big chest and women likes a man with broad shoulders and a big chest.

So, we are often training our chest, doing all kinds of exercises like the bench press, dumbbell flyes, decline- and incline bench press, because we want that big looking chest, and want to hit it from all angles.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Body-weight Challenge


After I had my overuse injury in my right knee, I wasn't feeling up for some heavy weight lifting, until I had a good base strength, so I came up with a small all-around circuit training, which I thought I'd share with you, and challenge you to see if you can complete it :)

It's a full body, all around circuit training, where you hit all your major muscle groups :)

The Circuit:
  • 10 Wide Grip Pull-ups
  • 10 Wide Push-ups (preferably hands and feet on chairs, so you can get a bigger Range of Motion)
  • 10 Single Leg Squats on each leg.
  • 10 Chin-ups
  • 10 Handstand Push-ups (for balance help can you use a wall)
  • 10 Jump Lunges (10 for each leg)
As you can see, you work all the major upper body muscle groups like your back, front, shoulders from all angles, triceps, biceps, as well as your lower body muscle groups like your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

So, how many times should you be able to do this circuit ?
At least 3, preferably 5 rounds.

What equipment do you need ?
  • A place to do pull-ups / chin-ups
  • 3 chairs for doing push-ups
  • Space for doing the exercises

I hope you'll like this little challenge, and let me know how well you did :)

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Basic Nutrition

Though I haven't posted in a while, the majority of my posts are about training. But training isn't the most important thing, when it comes to being healthy and fit. Yes, training does have a major part in it, but I'd go as far to say that if your nutrition isn't good enough, you will see little to no results from training.
Nutrition is the most important thing, if you want to be healthy and fit.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Setting Goals

Borrowed from
First of all, sorry for being AWOL for the last couple of weeks. Been on vacation, and need to get back into the habit of blogging again.

Also, I have recently set some personal goals, both long term and some less far away, and it made me think, that it would be a perfect subject for my next post, so here goes.

I'd say, pretty much whatever you do, you should set goals, whether it'd be education, sports, or life.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Vacation Workouts

Me Beach-Running
Since I'm on vacation with family right now, and we're too far away from a gym (I didn't plan the vacation) for me to go there and work out, I have to find another solution.
I'm probably not the only one going on vacation around this time of year, and I'm probably not the only one to go to a place, where there isn't a gym nearby, so I thought why not share my solution with you guys.

Of course you can almost always go for a run. I'd say it's near impossible to find a vacation location, where you'll be unable to go for a run.
So as for cardio, you can go for a run or, if you brought your bike, you can go for a ride.

But what about Strength work..?

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Review: Nike+ Running for iPhone

Nike+ Running app
The last couple of posts has been about weight lifting and strength training, and I though it was time for something else, and why not write a review of one of the many iPhone fitness / health apps I’m using; the Nike+ Running app (ver. 4.0.1).

The Deadlift - Part of The Big Three

I've finally found time to write the last post in the mini-series, about the The Big Three; the Deadlift.

The Deadlift is a big compound move, just like the Squat and Bench Press, but I rarely see anyone doing this at the gym. Granted, I've just recently joined a gym, but then again, it's difficult to find a good spot to do deadlifts at my gym.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Bench Press - Part of The Big Three

Last Wednesday I started a little mini-series, where I'm explaining The Big Three and why it's important to do them.
The Big Three consists of 3 essential compound movements; the Squat, the Bench Press, and Deadlift. And here is the 2nd entry about The Big Three; 

The Bench Press

The bench press is a very popular exercise in the gym, and I think the majority of people lifting weights, either free weights or in machines, do Bench presses as well.

The Bench Press primarily works your chest, shoulders, and arms, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular, but also your core, lats, and even your legs.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Squat - Part of The Big Three

I just started on a new Strength training program, which focusses on 5 exercises, including The Big Three. 
Therefore I thought I'd share my thoughts on these three exercises, and how they are performed, but spreading it out for a couple of days, so you can focus on one exercise at the time.

First off, let me tell you what The Big Three are; Squat, Bench press, and Deadlift.
These exercises are big compound moves and some of the best moves to do, if you want massive strength gains.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fitness Lingo

This is a little definitions post about the fitness language, or fitness lingo. Thought it would be fitting for people just starting out in the fitness world.
It is in alphabetical order, and if you are looking for a specific term or word that you've heard, you can scroll down to the letter it begins with, or search for it, pressing CTR+F (Windows) or CMD+F (Mac).

If you got some more terms or words you think should be added to the list, please comment below along with the definition.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Afterburn Effect

Borrowed from
What does it mean:
The Afterburn Effect, or EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) as the proper term is, basically means that your body's metabolic rate increases after exercising. 
Since the metabolic rate is increased, your body uses more energy, which means it can help you lose weight. 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Cardio that works

I see a lot of people running about, well more jogging really, especially since the weather is starting to get warmer, and summer is getting closer.
But what are the effects of the slow paced running, with low intensity, and does it really help, if you want to lose weight ?

First off. Long Slow Distance running (LSD), with an intensity around low to moderate, is good if you want to build up stamina, so you can continue to run for a long time. I'd say that's pretty important if you are training for Marathons or other long races.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

MAX Workouts Review

Now that I have actually completed the MAX Workouts program by Shin Ohtake (took me a bit more than the 90 days), I thought it would be fitting to write a review, which I'm hoping will help you to determine whether or not it's something for you.
As I've mentioned before, the MAX Workouts program is a 90-days program, where you use a lot of functional and compound exercises instead of the good ol' Biceps Curl and Seated Knee Extensions.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Just a quick hello

Just wanted to pop in for a quick hello..
It's been quite quiet around here for the last week or so, and as I mentioned in my previous post, one of the reasons is that my Physiology exam is coming up, and I'm spending my time reading up on that..

I'm slowly getting the hang of the physiology, but still quite not there, but after Monday, I'll be a bit more regular with my posts again, as the exam will be done..

Have a great day and weekend :)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Exams, New Direction, and Update

Vibram FiveFingers KSO
All right, thought it was time for another update, as I haven't posted for a week now. Shame on me...
Well, I haven't been posting updates for a few reasons, one of them being that I've been busy. I've been studying for my Physiology exam, which is on the 11th, and I feel like I'm far from ready for it.

Friday, 25 May 2012

HOW TO: Create your own Gym

Dumbbells (found on Google)
As you might already know, I prefer to work out at home. Partly because I find it cheaper and more free, as I can train whenever I want to, and not specific times. I know a lot of Gyms have open from 8-22 or something similar, but still find it expensive.

I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling this way, and therefore I thought, why not make a post about creating your own gym.
For general fitness, you really don't need any equipment at all (except a place to do pull ups perhaps). There are TONS of body-weight exercises out there, with various difficulty / strength requirements.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Blisters, and what to do about them

Small blister from my hike the other day.
If you've been reading some of my latests posts, you know that I got a few blisters the other day, and it made me think; what a perfect subject to make a post about.
So here it is, blisters and what to do about them (at least a few tips to what you can do to them).

What are blisters:
You can get blisters from various things and on various places of the body, but often, you get them on your feet, after wearing some new shoes or just from friction between your skin and the shoes.
Blisters come from the skin being damaged, for example by friction (as was my case the other day). Say you keep running or walking, then the friction continues, and this friction, over time, will cause the most outer skin to separate from the two layers below. Between the top layer and the layers underneath, some fluids will build up, making a bubble of the outer layer.
This fluid is there to protect the underlying tissue from further damage and helping with the healing process.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A few days..

Inverted Rows at an outdoor Training Pavillion
It's been a few days since my last update, last Sunday.
Monday was 2nd week of the MAX Workouts program, and it went pretty good. I did the Dumbbell deadlift using 22.5 lbs weights, and I could feel I was working the muscles, though the following Plyo-push ups, inverted rows, and Burpees were tougher.
I don't think the 22.5 lbs per dumbbell is enough weight. I think I could manage more, except I don't have any more weights to put on..
Time to start thinking about getting some more weights, perhaps a barbell as well..

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Another update and blisters

Wednesday was time for another new workout in the MAX Workouts program, as I came to the 4B workout.

This workout was a High Intensity workout. I only had to do 2 exercises in total, but with a lot of repetitions. The first exercise was Dumbbell squat press ups, doing as many repetitions as possible in 20 seconds, followed by 40 seconds rest. 10 rounds of that, before having a rest of 2-3 minutes. After the longer rest, it was time for the 2nd exercise of Dumbbell Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (a regular sumo deadlift followed immediately with a high pull). Just like the first exercise, this was as many reps in 20 seconds, followed by 40 seconds of rest, for 10 rounds.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Weekend and Diablo 3

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend, with some good workouts :)

I was doing the last workout of level 3 MAX Workouts (3C workout) with an LSD (Long Slow Distance) run afterwards.. The run was 5k, with a new Personal Record (PR) of 23m50s, beating my previous time with 36 seconds improvement of my last 5k.

Sunday, 13 May 2012


You might be asking, what is this Fitocracy-thing, and I'll tell ya (or at least do my best).
Fitocracy is an online community, for people wanting to workout, whether it's for competition goals, health benefits, life style changes, you name it, there are people wanting to do the same.
It doesn't matter how you look, or what your goals are - If you want to be social, while working out, and get motivated. I can definitely recommend Fitocracy.

Friday, 11 May 2012

And another week

Time for another update..
Monday was pretty good.. It's the last week of MAX Workouts level 3, and I used the 20 lbs dumbbells, which is more than last week. So instead of taking the 30 seconds rest, as recommended, I chose to take 45 seconds rest, because of the more heavier weights.

Tuesday, I had planned on going for a run, but I had some trouble breathing, so I didn't make it..
I made up for it the next day though..

Sunday, 6 May 2012

7 out of 7

And it's time for another update.. Even though the title is a bit misleading..
First off, I have hit 7 workouts in 7 days, but not 7 workouts since my last update. 2 of the workouts are posted here, but here's an update from the last 5 days :)
So, on Wednesday, I did the 3B workout, which consists of Dumbbell One-arm Power Snatches, Dumbbell One-arm Push Jerks, and Box Jumps (substituted with Squat Jumps, as I didn't have a Box for it).
During the DB exercises, the focus were to be on speed of each rep, so the DBs weren't that heavy (only 15 lbs).

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Last couple of days..

First of all.. I really need to start posting more often again. I'm simply slacking too much, not on the workouts, but on the blogging (at least it's not the other way around).

The Physical Therapy (PT) education in Denmark consists of 14 modules of 10 weeks each, focussing on various topics. I'm so far on the 4th module, and it's about training, movements, and working out.
This means that we need to learn how to coach from a PT perspective, and every Thursday, we have training.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I'm baaaaack

So.. It's almost 3 weeks since I made my last post, and I want to tell you why, it's been so long.

We could just take a look at the photo, I've added.. It looks like a dead person crawling out of the earth, or perhaps a Zombie.. The last couple of weeks, I have kinda been living in a Zombie-state..
3 weeks ago, I started studying for a crazy exam, and most of my days went like this:

Get up in the morning, go to school and meet up with my group, study for the exam, go home, get some dinner, go to bed, and so on..

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Behind, again..

Wide Grip Pull Up
I know, I know.. I'm behind with my posts regarding my workouts..
The reason for this, is that I had an exam in Human Anatomy yesterday, and pretty much every waking hour last this week has been spent on studying for the exam.
The exam was a 2 hour written exam, with around 26 questions regarding muscles, joints, nerves, and blood vessels. And the curriculum was pretty extensive, and I should have started earlier.

Well, enough about the exam.
I did manage to find time to workout though, and I did the three last workouts of this level.
I finished the level with the Friday's workout test, and managed to do 8 rounds, 1 more round than last week.

Friday, 23 March 2012

3 workouts behind...

Well, the title says the most, but not all. What I mean with 3 workouts behind, is that I'm 3 workouts behind writing about them, as I did do the workouts, just forgot to post about them..
Normally I only do the MAX Workouts at the moment, but after reading an interesting guide for people wanting to join the US Navy SEALs, called Navel Special Warfare Physical Training Guide, I decided to start running again. Especially since the weather is starting to get better :)
So I've done 3 workouts since wednesday; 2 MAX workouts and 1 Cooper's Running test.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Compound vs. Isolation Exercises

Well, if you have been reading my blog, you know that I am mostly doing compound exercises, and I thought I would do a little break down of the two different types of exercises.

The Basics:
Compound exercises involves multiple joints, such as a regular push-up, which targets multiple joints - shoulders and elbows - and multiple muscle groups - the chest, shoulders, and overarm muscles (well, the triceps at least).
Isolation exercises are the opposite of compound exercises as they only involves a single joint, and most often only a single muscle group, such as the good old Biceps Curl - which targets the elbow joint and the biceps muscle group.

Sometimes you got an off-day

As the title suggest, sometimes you just got an off day.. Sometimes you're just not in the mood for working out, or sometimes you have trouble pulling yourself together.
I had such a day yesterday, and I ended up feeling really terrible, that I didn't get any workout done.

I was a bad decision on me, not to work out, because I really should have. Other days, when I've had an off day, I've always been grateful afterwards, because I love working out. Sometimes I just don't have the energy.

To make things better, and make me feel better, I did the Monday workout today instead, and it was good :)
I used 17.5lbs weights, and the burn of the workout felt great.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

First test on the new level

Yesterday, Friday, I had the first test / max workout on this new level, and it was significantly tougher than that of the previous level. It's still a pure bodyweight-only workout, were you test yourself against the clock.
You get 20 minutes to complete as many rounds as possible of the following exercises; Pull ups (6), Single legged squats (8 per leg), Pike push ups (10), and Split Squat Jumps (12, 6 per leg). Completing all of these 4 exercises in a row, without a break, is considered 1 round.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Starting on Level 2

Sumo Squat Dumbbell
High Pull
I'm 2 workouts into the 2nd Cycle, or level, of the MAX Workouts program, and I can definitely feel that it's new exercises :)

Monday's workout consisted of 3 exercises; the Dumbbell Deadlift, the Lunges with Dumbbell Press Ups, and the Dumbbell Plank Row.
The recommended load is from 25lbs per dumbbell, but I started out with my heaviest load I have, which is 22.5lbs.. I shouldn't have done that.. I managed to complete 3 rounds only, with 1 minute of rest between each round.. And I was supposed to do 5-6 rounds.. Not the best start of the new cycle, but I think I'll start out with 17.5lbs next week..

Sunday, 11 March 2012

End of first Cycle/Level + Resting Heart Rate

Suunto t3c
Today I completed the last exercise in the first cycle of the MAX Workouts program. It was a tough one, just like the previous two weeks, but I did manage to complete 1 round more than last Friday (being 8).
It might not sound like a lot, but doing 9 rounds of inverted rows (8), push ups (10), and burpies (12) in a maximum of 20 minutes is pretty hard.. You should try it yourself, if you think otherwise.

Tomorrow I start on a new cycle, or level, and it looks like it's going to be even tougher than this cycle, but I can feel my body getting stronger and getting more energy every week, so I would say the program is working so far.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Time for an update..

Sorry I've been behind on this, pretty much an entire week behind actually.. So I'll start out with last Friday.
It was time to do a test to see how much I'd improved over the last week, and I had.. The first time I did the test, I was able to complete 6 rounds in 20 minutes, and last Friday I made it through 8 rounds, being 2 more than the first time. I still had a minute to go after the 8th round, but was unable to complete it in time, so hopefully I'll beat 8 rounds on Saturday (I'm unable to do the test tomorrow).

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Yet another great workout

Yesterday I had another great workout.. It was really tough, but I managed to start out with 20lbs on the weights for the first 3 rounds, and afterwards my shoulders were simply too aching, that I had to take off 2.5lbs for the last two rounds.

I also started on the core exercises in the program, with some plank exercises like plank with reach under and twist, and side plank. It was really tough to do right after the other workout, but it felt pretty good.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Monday's workout 27th feb

Another great workout yesterday.. Though I'm still having trouble completing all the rounds, with the same weight.
It's the same exercise as last Monday, as I'm still going through cycle 1. The first two rounds I had 20lbs on each dumbbell, but after the first two rounds, my shoulders were burning, and I took off 2.5lbs, so I was down to 17.5lbs, and on the 5th round, I was having big trouble doing the jumping pull-ups.. I was simply too tired in my arms.
I had 45 seconds rest between each round, and I was really sweaty and out of breath afterwards.

It's really a great workout, and I can really recommend it so far.. You guys should really check it out here

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Round on round

Yesterday's workout was the 1C I had to do, 1 for cycle one, and C for it being the C- or third workout in the cycle.
The MAX Workouts program is a 12-week program, which consists of 4 cycles. A cycle is 3 weeks, where you do the same exercises, so three Monday's in a row, you do the same A workout, and so on.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Most Brutal Workout to date..

Weights similar to the ones I own
Yesterday I was doing the 2nd strength workout in the MAX Workouts and it was really tough. I think it's the most brutal workout I've had since I started this change back in beginning of January.
I felt really out of shape, and I have no idea how you should be able to do this program, with the recommended weight, if you're overweight, since I thought I was in an average state of physical fitness.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Putting Words into Action

I have finally put some of my previous words into action, by starting on the Max Workouts program by Shin Ohtake. Well, at least some of the words; I'm not entirely sure if I am going to do all the aspects of the program, as I'm not sure I will be doing the HIIT. At least not yet. I might start on it later, when it gets warmer.
I was up early yesterday, and didn't have to be at school till 9am, so I decided to do the workout for that day.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Friday's Workout

Friday's workout was really good.. I've finally bought a chin-up bar to put in the doorway, which I was able to try out yesterday, during the workout.
The workout consisted of Dumbbell squat press ups, Romanian deadlifts, dumbbell lunges, chin-ups, and dips. It was a really good workout, and it took about 20-30 minutes, with 30 seconds of rest between each set, and no break between each exercise.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Wednesday workout and sleep pattern

Wednesday's workout was pretty good. It was much easier to get started, compared to Monday's workout, but I think it's because I'm slowly starting getting back into it again.
It's so hard to start, even after just a week off, after being sick, but as soon as you've started, it gets easier every time. It's like trying to push a car; at first it's really hard to get it moving, but as soon as it has gained a bit of momentum, it's easier to keep it going (as long as it's not uphill).

Monday, 13 February 2012

I'm Back !!

All right, I want to start out by saying sorry for being AWOL for a little over a week. A day or two after my last post, I came down with the cold, and didn't start feeling better until Thursday last week, but didn't have any energy in my body for Friday's workout, so I chose to wait until today.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wednesday Workout (Day 31)

Yesterday's workout was a real core workout, as almost all the exercises focuses on core and stability.
The workout, just like the two previous days, consisted of 5 exercises, this time the Push press, Alternating Wide Shoulder Press, Gym ball Jackknife, Plank, and V-sit.
I used 20lbs dumbbells for the Push presses, but only 15lbs for the wide shoulder presses, as the weights gets heavier the further out from the body it is.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Monday workout (Day 29)

Firstly, I want to correct myself, regarding my previous post.
I wrote: "So as far as I can see, I'm losing fat, but not really gaining muscle, so my diet should contain some more proteins". That is of course not entirely true.
It's not really possible to gain muscle mass while losing fat, as it's two different processes. To gain more muscle mass, you need to have a higher calorie intake compared to your normal calorie intake, about 500 calories more than normal.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Days 24, 25, and 26.

Men's Fitness UK Magazine
March 2012 issue
Oops, got a few days behind on this. Well, I don't have a lot to say about Wednesday + Thursday (days 24+25), as I didn't workout at all. I was still having some trouble with my hamstrings, and as I had worked my upper-body Tuesday, it would be unwise to do it Wednesday as well. Thursday I was supposed to go running, but as my hamstrings were still sore, I decided it was best to give it another day, and see how it would be Friday.

So.. No workout on Wednesday and Thursday.. Well, I updated my facts page Friday morning, and apparently I have lost some weight, which wasn't really the goal, but my fat percentage has dropped a bit, and my muscle percentage has gone up a bit.
So as far as I can see, I'm losing fat, but not really gaining muscle, so my diet should contain some more proteins.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Gorilla Workout Review

App homescreen after
selecting level
Here's my review of the iPhone / iPad app called Gorilla Workout. I have been using the app for a little over 3 weeks now, with a workout every day.
This is what they say about their own app:
Gorilla Workout is a fast-paced, no-equipment grouping of over 40+ exercises.
And that statement fits pretty well with what I've experienced so far. When you first open the app, you start out by choosing what level you're at. There are 4 levels, which have various demands. You choose your level by the amount of push ups you can do;

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Days 22-23

One-Arm DB Row
Didn't update yesterday, because a lot of my focus was on today's exam, so here's an update for the last 2 days :)

Yesterday I was planning on trying out the Nike Training Club app for the iPhone, but after looking through the workouts, I noticed that my place isn't really big enough, and also I don't have the equipment for most of the workouts. So then I chose to do the GWOD instead, as I've done those exercises for 3 weeks now, and could just as well continue with them, until I decide what workout / program to use. 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Great weekend (Day 20-21)

Here's the Saturday / Sunday update of the blog..
This has truly been a great weekend, with lots of fun and relaxation.. And some workout of course :)
I was having a couple of classmates over yesterday, Saturday, so I had to get the laundry and workout done before they would arrive, and I ended up doing the GWOD and Tabata run while doing the laundry..
The GWOD was 5 rounds of 20 lunges and 10 push-ups, and I have to say that my legs were getting tired during the last round, and the Tabata run didn't make it better at all..

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Day 19

Yesterday was a really good day, the workout was great and I had a quite relaxing day.
The GWOD consisted of 5 rounds of squat thrusts and supermans, so that was done pretty quickly..
It wasn't that hard of a workout, but it was all right.

I had some all bran for breakfast and ended up buying food at the school, where I bought 2 bananas, an apple, and a bun with chicken, curry dressing, salad, and cucumber.. Tasted really good :)
Dinner was tomato soup with pasta shells and ham cubes..

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Day 18

Today was a good day :)
I was really busted after today's workout.. Think it was a combination of today's workout and yesterday's..
The GWOD today was 3 rounds of lunges and squats, and I was slightly sore from yesterday's workout, but I manage to complete the workout, and right after I went out for a Tabata run, and I felt like I was about to die, just like the previous times. Normally after a run like that, I have a weird feeling in my chest and tend to cough for some time after, but not today.. Today I recovered much quicker, which I'm hoping is because I'm getting more into shape.

Day 17

Again, a day late, as day 17 was yesterday. But yesterday went pretty well. When I came home from school, I started out with a GWOD, which consisted of 5 rounds of crunches and push-ups. It went pretty well, and after the workout I had time to rest, until a few hours later, when I was going to do the previous day's GWOD; 4 rounds of 30 Squat thrusts, 15 supermans, and 3 pull ups (changed for 8 towel curls instead). Overall, I was really tired after the workouts, but also had a really good feeling, as my entire body got a workout..

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Day 15+16

I'm really starting to feel the pressure of being back at school, with exams coming up, so at times, I forget to update the blog before I go to bed.
The GWOD on Monday was pretty all right, but it was hard to maintain the high intensity I was hoping for, as there were two exercises, and one of them had to be held for 3 seconds, which almost meant a break. The 2 exercises were Kneeling Kickbacks (had to be held for 3 seconds) and Wide Push ups.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Days 13 & 14

I'm getting worse at making updates every day, but here's and update for the weekend.
Saturday I was doing the GWOD and did a proper Tabata cardio workout, and it was truly HIIT.. I was so tired after the workout, and was glad it was over..
Yesterday, I was quite sore in my triceps and thighs, from the GWOD and HIIT, and then I had to do 6 rounds of squat thrusts and sit-ups.. The soreness in my thighs went slightly away, as they got warmed up, but don't really know what the sit-ups where for, except working the abs..

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Carbohydrates make you fat

Well, that's not 100% true, but too many carbohydrates (carbs) make you fat.
Here in Denmark, there is a lot of focus on eating the right kind of fats, and not getting the wrong kind of fats, so if people are looking at the product labels, it's most often to check how much fat it contains, and not carbs.
Why should you look at the carbs, if you're trying to lose weight ? Well, let me tell you why.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Money-saving fat loss plan

Photo from Men's Fitness UK
Since I've subscribed to Men's Fitness UK, I've also made an user on their website, to access some of their exercises and nutrition recipes and tips.. At the same time, I've subscribed to their newsletter, and last week they linked to this money-saving fat loss plan, and I thought I would share it with you guys, if you're interested in some healthy food for a low cost.
It's a seven days food list, so you can pretty much use this plan for a couple of weeks, before you get tired of it, as it's something new every day. And you don't get over 2000 calories per day, sticking to this plan.
I haven't tried any of the recipes yet, but I've thought about it, as it does sound delicious a lot of the foods.. Just don't have a Tesco marked here in Denmark, but I'm guessing I can get the ingredients somewhere else :)

Well, hope you guys like this :)