Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Monday workout (Day 29)

Firstly, I want to correct myself, regarding my previous post.
I wrote: "So as far as I can see, I'm losing fat, but not really gaining muscle, so my diet should contain some more proteins". That is of course not entirely true.
It's not really possible to gain muscle mass while losing fat, as it's two different processes. To gain more muscle mass, you need to have a higher calorie intake compared to your normal calorie intake, about 500 calories more than normal.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Days 24, 25, and 26.

Men's Fitness UK Magazine
March 2012 issue
Oops, got a few days behind on this. Well, I don't have a lot to say about Wednesday + Thursday (days 24+25), as I didn't workout at all. I was still having some trouble with my hamstrings, and as I had worked my upper-body Tuesday, it would be unwise to do it Wednesday as well. Thursday I was supposed to go running, but as my hamstrings were still sore, I decided it was best to give it another day, and see how it would be Friday.

So.. No workout on Wednesday and Thursday.. Well, I updated my facts page Friday morning, and apparently I have lost some weight, which wasn't really the goal, but my fat percentage has dropped a bit, and my muscle percentage has gone up a bit.
So as far as I can see, I'm losing fat, but not really gaining muscle, so my diet should contain some more proteins.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Gorilla Workout Review

App homescreen after
selecting level
Here's my review of the iPhone / iPad app called Gorilla Workout. I have been using the app for a little over 3 weeks now, with a workout every day.
This is what they say about their own app:
Gorilla Workout is a fast-paced, no-equipment grouping of over 40+ exercises.
And that statement fits pretty well with what I've experienced so far. When you first open the app, you start out by choosing what level you're at. There are 4 levels, which have various demands. You choose your level by the amount of push ups you can do;

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Days 22-23

One-Arm DB Row
Didn't update yesterday, because a lot of my focus was on today's exam, so here's an update for the last 2 days :)

Yesterday I was planning on trying out the Nike Training Club app for the iPhone, but after looking through the workouts, I noticed that my place isn't really big enough, and also I don't have the equipment for most of the workouts. So then I chose to do the GWOD instead, as I've done those exercises for 3 weeks now, and could just as well continue with them, until I decide what workout / program to use. 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Great weekend (Day 20-21)

Here's the Saturday / Sunday update of the blog..
This has truly been a great weekend, with lots of fun and relaxation.. And some workout of course :)
I was having a couple of classmates over yesterday, Saturday, so I had to get the laundry and workout done before they would arrive, and I ended up doing the GWOD and Tabata run while doing the laundry..
The GWOD was 5 rounds of 20 lunges and 10 push-ups, and I have to say that my legs were getting tired during the last round, and the Tabata run didn't make it better at all..

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Day 19

Yesterday was a really good day, the workout was great and I had a quite relaxing day.
The GWOD consisted of 5 rounds of squat thrusts and supermans, so that was done pretty quickly..
It wasn't that hard of a workout, but it was all right.

I had some all bran for breakfast and ended up buying food at the school, where I bought 2 bananas, an apple, and a bun with chicken, curry dressing, salad, and cucumber.. Tasted really good :)
Dinner was tomato soup with pasta shells and ham cubes..

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Day 18

Today was a good day :)
I was really busted after today's workout.. Think it was a combination of today's workout and yesterday's..
The GWOD today was 3 rounds of lunges and squats, and I was slightly sore from yesterday's workout, but I manage to complete the workout, and right after I went out for a Tabata run, and I felt like I was about to die, just like the previous times. Normally after a run like that, I have a weird feeling in my chest and tend to cough for some time after, but not today.. Today I recovered much quicker, which I'm hoping is because I'm getting more into shape.

Day 17

Again, a day late, as day 17 was yesterday. But yesterday went pretty well. When I came home from school, I started out with a GWOD, which consisted of 5 rounds of crunches and push-ups. It went pretty well, and after the workout I had time to rest, until a few hours later, when I was going to do the previous day's GWOD; 4 rounds of 30 Squat thrusts, 15 supermans, and 3 pull ups (changed for 8 towel curls instead). Overall, I was really tired after the workouts, but also had a really good feeling, as my entire body got a workout..

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Day 15+16

I'm really starting to feel the pressure of being back at school, with exams coming up, so at times, I forget to update the blog before I go to bed.
The GWOD on Monday was pretty all right, but it was hard to maintain the high intensity I was hoping for, as there were two exercises, and one of them had to be held for 3 seconds, which almost meant a break. The 2 exercises were Kneeling Kickbacks (had to be held for 3 seconds) and Wide Push ups.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Days 13 & 14

I'm getting worse at making updates every day, but here's and update for the weekend.
Saturday I was doing the GWOD and did a proper Tabata cardio workout, and it was truly HIIT.. I was so tired after the workout, and was glad it was over..
Yesterday, I was quite sore in my triceps and thighs, from the GWOD and HIIT, and then I had to do 6 rounds of squat thrusts and sit-ups.. The soreness in my thighs went slightly away, as they got warmed up, but don't really know what the sit-ups where for, except working the abs..

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Carbohydrates make you fat

Well, that's not 100% true, but too many carbohydrates (carbs) make you fat.
Here in Denmark, there is a lot of focus on eating the right kind of fats, and not getting the wrong kind of fats, so if people are looking at the product labels, it's most often to check how much fat it contains, and not carbs.
Why should you look at the carbs, if you're trying to lose weight ? Well, let me tell you why.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Money-saving fat loss plan

Photo from Men's Fitness UK
Since I've subscribed to Men's Fitness UK, I've also made an user on their website, to access some of their exercises and nutrition recipes and tips.. At the same time, I've subscribed to their newsletter, and last week they linked to this money-saving fat loss plan, and I thought I would share it with you guys, if you're interested in some healthy food for a low cost.
It's a seven days food list, so you can pretty much use this plan for a couple of weeks, before you get tired of it, as it's something new every day. And you don't get over 2000 calories per day, sticking to this plan.
I haven't tried any of the recipes yet, but I've thought about it, as it does sound delicious a lot of the foods.. Just don't have a Tesco marked here in Denmark, but I'm guessing I can get the ingredients somewhere else :)

Well, hope you guys like this :)

Day 12

Today was a better, compared to the previous 2.. The workout was great, and slightly tough, but I think it's because I haven't worked out for 2 whole days.. So I'm probably going to be slightly sore tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to that..
I'm also looking forward to another GWOD and some HIIT cardio tomorrow :)
The GWOD today consisted of 4 rounds of squat thrusts, supermans, and towel curls (well, supposed to do pull-ups, but don't have a place to do that, so using the You are your own gym app, I found other pull exercises, such as the towel curls).

Food-wise the day was slightly healthier, as I had some All-bran and a banana for breakfast, a few pieces of fruit for lunch, a goodbye chocolate cake (we finished our internship at the hospital, and one of the girls had brought cake), and for dinner I had some Oriental Rice, which consists of rice, minced meat, and some vegetables :)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Day 10+11 - BAD DAYS

Already I have managed to break my "be-more-healthy" goal, or at least taken a small break from it..
I didn't have time for working out yesterday, nor today, because of school/intern related work, and I also had not so healthy food some of time.
I had a banana for breakfast yesterday, and for lunch I had some Rugbrød with Mackerel. For dinner I had a big carb-bomb, as we went to a café.. It consisted of a big greasy XL burger with potatoes and for dessert I had pancakes with ice cream and fruit. So partly healthy food yesterday, except for dinner..
Today I had a bun for breakfast, and lunch was a sandwich with chicken breast, bacon, pineapple, and salad, and for dinner I had pasta salad with chicken.
So a somewhat semi-healthy day today..
And again, today no training either, so the next couple of days I'm going all-in on the workout.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day 9

This is just going to be a short entry today.
Today was tough, motivation-wise.. I wasn't really motivated for the running today, but I did do a Tabata run, after doing the GWOD, which was really easy today (only consisted of squat thrusts and sit-ups).

I had cereal for breakfast, a couple of whole-grain buns with meat, cheese, bacon, and red bell pepper. For dinner I had tomato soup with pasta, really delicious.. I also had some fruit during the day :)

Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 8

I've been working out for a week now, using the Gorilla Workout app for iPhone, and so far I'm really liking it.. There are 4 levels, and I'm currently on the 2nd level. The level is determined by how many push ups you can do, but I'll get into that later, when I'm going to review the app properly.
I had to do 10 rounds of squats and push ups, which ended up quite tough at the end of the later rounds. Especially since I haven't been used to doing a lot of squats before I started working out. So I hope I'm not too sore tomorrow.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 7 - Not a recovery day..

Today was a pretty good day overall, and did a lot of relaxing, except for the 20-30 min GWOD and the active recovery workout spent on a walk for about 45-60 minutes.
The GWOD consisted of 3 rounds of squat thrusts, supermans, and pull-ups (did towel curls instead, as I still don't have a place to do pull-ups. The towel curls trains the biceps, and balance & core, as you're standing on one leg). The 90 squat thrusts really tired me out, as I did then with quite good speed, but the supermans and towel curls were a breather for me.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Day 6 - Welcome to Hell

Today was a tough day, workout-wise, but I felt so great after the workout.
The GWOD was pretty similar to day 1 - with squats, lunges, and pushups - except it was pretty much double the repetitions, though still 4 rounds. Really started sweating after that, and then I had to do some HIIT cardio.
For the cardio, I chose to do a Tabata, and that felt like Hell, it really burned.. But I think it was good.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Day 5 - TGIF

Today was the longest day of school / intern at the hospital, and I was looking forward to getting home and working out, and thinking Thank God It's Friday (TGIF) = easy day..
But I was wrong xD

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 4 - Welcome to HIIT

Today I had an easy day, education-wise, as we had to start at 10am, and got off at 2pm.. Since I didn't have to be at the hospital until 10am, I decided to sleep in, so I only had a banana for breakfast, as I would have lunch quite early.. For lunch I had white rice, green peas, and mini-sausages (leftovers from the other night), and an apple..
On the way home from the hospital, I bought a snickers bar, because I have a bit of trouble sticking to the Low Carb diet, but I haven't gotten as many carbs this week as I would have normally. Dinner consisted of 2 pieces of Rugbrød and a can of mackerel in tomato-sauce :)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day 3

I don't have a lot to share with you guys today about my day, though what little I have, I will tell you.
Today I had a banana and .5 litre water for breakfast, not much, but I hadn't prepared breakfast last night, and this morning I felt too tired to make it. For lunch I had 2 pieces of Rugbrød with canned mackerel in tomato sauce along with half a litre of water.
When I got home from the hospital I had an apple, and for dinner I had soup with meatballs, some vegetables, and some small pasta-thingies..

The GWOD was pretty easy today, though my thighs still feel a bit sore from working out, but the WOD today consisted of only 2 exercises, but 4 rounds, where I had 30sec rest in-between rounds to catch my breath.
The exercises where Squad thrusts and push ups..

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and my workout with both GWOD and High-Intensity Cardio run :)

Shin Ohtake's MAX Workouts

I just wanted to tell you all about MAX Workouts, a fitness program created by a guy named Shin Ohtake.
I haven't started on this program yet, as you might know, if you have been following me, but my plan was to start, when I had read his eBook, but until then I would do Gorilla Workout (an iPhone/iPad app).
I have just finished reading the book, consisting of 120 pages including pictures of the exercises you are going to do in the workout, but first I want to tell you how I got interested in buying this book :)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Day 2

Most of Day 2 is over for me, with only a snack, a bit of homework, and dinner left - and of course some time to relax.
Since I made the breakfast last night (boiled the eggs), I did get my 2 eggs and 1 banana for breakfast, and it wasn't bad.. I felt like I had more energy until lunch, but that might just because of the fact I had breakfast, which I normally don't. For lunch I had 2 slices of rugbrød (Danish rye bread) with canned Mackerel in tomato-sauce and a piece of cake, because another intern had birthday and brought cake. I had 2 snacks consisting an apple and a banana, and the snack I'm getting after writing this is a piece of rugbrød with nutella..
My dinner is going to be leftovers from last night, so that'll be some white rice with mini-sausages and green peas :)

Monday, 2 January 2012

Day 1

Day 1 is about to end for me, and here is my first real update about my lifestyle changes :)

I started the day early with preparing breakfast, 2 hardboiled eggs and a banana, and lunch, two pieces of Danish rye bread with butter and canned tuna in water. I only managed to eat the banana, as I had to hurry out the door to my first day of internship at a hospital..
We did get some bread with cheese at the hospital as a morning welcome, before starting the day. I ate my lunch and had 2 apples as snacks and for dinner I had some white rice with small sausages and green peas, tasted all right :)