Thursday, 12 January 2012

Day 10+11 - BAD DAYS

Already I have managed to break my "be-more-healthy" goal, or at least taken a small break from it..
I didn't have time for working out yesterday, nor today, because of school/intern related work, and I also had not so healthy food some of time.
I had a banana for breakfast yesterday, and for lunch I had some Rugbrød with Mackerel. For dinner I had a big carb-bomb, as we went to a café.. It consisted of a big greasy XL burger with potatoes and for dessert I had pancakes with ice cream and fruit. So partly healthy food yesterday, except for dinner..
Today I had a bun for breakfast, and lunch was a sandwich with chicken breast, bacon, pineapple, and salad, and for dinner I had pasta salad with chicken.
So a somewhat semi-healthy day today..
And again, today no training either, so the next couple of days I'm going all-in on the workout.