Friday, 13 January 2012

Day 12

Today was a better, compared to the previous 2.. The workout was great, and slightly tough, but I think it's because I haven't worked out for 2 whole days.. So I'm probably going to be slightly sore tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to that..
I'm also looking forward to another GWOD and some HIIT cardio tomorrow :)
The GWOD today consisted of 4 rounds of squat thrusts, supermans, and towel curls (well, supposed to do pull-ups, but don't have a place to do that, so using the You are your own gym app, I found other pull exercises, such as the towel curls).

Food-wise the day was slightly healthier, as I had some All-bran and a banana for breakfast, a few pieces of fruit for lunch, a goodbye chocolate cake (we finished our internship at the hospital, and one of the girls had brought cake), and for dinner I had some Oriental Rice, which consists of rice, minced meat, and some vegetables :)