Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Day 15+16

I'm really starting to feel the pressure of being back at school, with exams coming up, so at times, I forget to update the blog before I go to bed.
The GWOD on Monday was pretty all right, but it was hard to maintain the high intensity I was hoping for, as there were two exercises, and one of them had to be held for 3 seconds, which almost meant a break. The 2 exercises were Kneeling Kickbacks (had to be held for 3 seconds) and Wide Push ups.

Monday morning started out with a bowl of all-bran cereal with milk, and for lunch I had some whole-grain buns with cheese, slices of meat, and red bell peppers. My dinner was really simple and was leftovers from Sunday evening. There wasn't a lot, but it was all right. I also had a few snacks, which consisted of fruits, such as apples and bananas.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I didn't get any training done really, except for riding to and from school on my bike.
An idea from a classmate, I could do yesterday's workout and today's workout today, and see if that's a possibility, and reflect on the results. Either do both at the same time, or split them up into two workouts.

Food was all right, with another bowl of all-bran, like the day before, and as I had a long day at school, I had a big lunch, which I divided up into to meals; the early lunch was close to similar to Monday's lunch, and the late lunch was 2 pieces of Rugbrød with mackerel. I had a few snacks as well, and dinner was some Pasta shells with meat filling and some Dolmio pasta sauce, really delicious :)