Thursday, 19 January 2012

Day 17

Again, a day late, as day 17 was yesterday. But yesterday went pretty well. When I came home from school, I started out with a GWOD, which consisted of 5 rounds of crunches and push-ups. It went pretty well, and after the workout I had time to rest, until a few hours later, when I was going to do the previous day's GWOD; 4 rounds of 30 Squat thrusts, 15 supermans, and 3 pull ups (changed for 8 towel curls instead). Overall, I was really tired after the workouts, but also had a really good feeling, as my entire body got a workout..
Not sure how it will make my body feel for today's workout, as the workouts most of the time have been so you train 1 muscle group one day, have a rest day, where you train another muscle group, and then work out the first muscle group again on day 3. That means some of the muscles that'll be worked out and broken down for today's WOD might not have rested enough.

Breakfast yesterday was a mini-meal yoghurt, as I was in a bit of a hurry, and ended up grabbing breakfast at the school's cafeteria. I had brought a few pieces of fruit, which meant I got a few apples and a banana before lunch, which I had pretty late, around 2-3pm. Lunch was similar to the day before, with whole-grain buns with cheese and a few slices of meat.
Dinner was tomato soup, with pasta shells and ham cubes, and I mate enough to last for a few days :)