Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Day 2

Most of Day 2 is over for me, with only a snack, a bit of homework, and dinner left - and of course some time to relax.
Since I made the breakfast last night (boiled the eggs), I did get my 2 eggs and 1 banana for breakfast, and it wasn't bad.. I felt like I had more energy until lunch, but that might just because of the fact I had breakfast, which I normally don't. For lunch I had 2 slices of rugbrød (Danish rye bread) with canned Mackerel in tomato-sauce and a piece of cake, because another intern had birthday and brought cake. I had 2 snacks consisting an apple and a banana, and the snack I'm getting after writing this is a piece of rugbrød with nutella..
My dinner is going to be leftovers from last night, so that'll be some white rice with mini-sausages and green peas :)

Today the weather has been really terrible with medium-heavy rain and cold wind.. I didn't look like it was going to be over any time soon, so as soon as I got home, I decided I would do my GWOD (Gorialla Workout of the day) and run the 2.8k so I could time it, and compared it later with another run, to check if my training methods are actually working..
The GWOD felt quite easy, and the supermans, dips, and dead bugs exercises were done quickly.. My 2.8k run was another matter, as it was quite cold and I messed up my breathing halfway through the run, but I did manage to run it in 12m49s :)

I have updated my facts and goal pages, as I measured myself before I started working out, so I can compare it later on.