Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 4 - Welcome to HIIT

Today I had an easy day, education-wise, as we had to start at 10am, and got off at 2pm.. Since I didn't have to be at the hospital until 10am, I decided to sleep in, so I only had a banana for breakfast, as I would have lunch quite early.. For lunch I had white rice, green peas, and mini-sausages (leftovers from the other night), and an apple..
On the way home from the hospital, I bought a snickers bar, because I have a bit of trouble sticking to the Low Carb diet, but I haven't gotten as many carbs this week as I would have normally. Dinner consisted of 2 pieces of Rugbrød and a can of mackerel in tomato-sauce :)

The workout of today was good. It consisted of the GWOD and some HIIT cardio (High-Intensity Interval Training), which was really hard, but I feel so good. I'll start with the GWOD:
It consisted with 4 rounds of 2 exercises; the Bird Dog (lie on your hands and knees and alternate lifting one arm and opposite leg), and alternate heel touchers (an ab exercise)..
Afterwards I was starting on my HIIT cardio, because I want to improve my VO2Max capacity. I started out with a small warm-up of a few minutes, and then 6 sets of 30sec sprinting at around 80-90% of max speed, and then slow jog/walk for 30 secs. I started out with jogging, at the low-intensity intervals, but ended up walking, just to try and catch my breath. and finished with a few minutes of cool-down slow running/jogging.

For the HIIT you really need an interval timer, because it's no good having to run and look at a watch, especially when you are doing short intervals like 20/10sec or even 30/30, as I did..
I use my iPhone to listen to music, and sometimes track my route using Endomondo, but it doesn't have a timer, so I searched the app store, and found an interval timer called Seconds Pro by Runloop ltd, there's a free and a paid ($2.99) version. I bought the paid version, as I want to be able to have multiple interval timers (the free version only have the ability to have 1 timer), and I have to say it's really good..
You can use some of the sample timers or add your own, using one of the wizards or add one yourself. You have the ability to add different playlists for your intervals, so when doing high intensity intervals you can have a playlist with really up-beat music, and when doing low intensity intervals you can have some music with a slower beat.

I used my 12min distance from last tuesday, and using the Cooper's test calculation of VO2Max to calculate my current VO2Max; 47.89 ml/min/kg. I have also added it to the facts page.
Check here, if you want to see the normal-range of various age groups and VO2Max