Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 7 - Not a recovery day..

Today was a pretty good day overall, and did a lot of relaxing, except for the 20-30 min GWOD and the active recovery workout spent on a walk for about 45-60 minutes.
The GWOD consisted of 3 rounds of squat thrusts, supermans, and pull-ups (did towel curls instead, as I still don't have a place to do pull-ups. The towel curls trains the biceps, and balance & core, as you're standing on one leg). The 90 squat thrusts really tired me out, as I did then with quite good speed, but the supermans and towel curls were a breather for me.

The breakfast was really good, just look at the photo of today :) Consisted of eggs, tomato, bacon rashers, and cocktail-sausages.. Really delicious.
Lunch was 2 whole-grain buns, toasted, with some meat slices and cheese, and dinner was pasta with chicken, red bell pepper, and corn.
I also had a few snacks of apples and bananas today.

I am doing some research on recovery days, cheat days, and why training is good for you, which I will post as soon as I know more, and also I am going to give you an explanation of why I prefer to train with bodyweight + free weights than training in machines.
So stay tuned..