Monday, 16 January 2012

Days 13 & 14

I'm getting worse at making updates every day, but here's and update for the weekend.
Saturday I was doing the GWOD and did a proper Tabata cardio workout, and it was truly HIIT.. I was so tired after the workout, and was glad it was over..
Yesterday, I was quite sore in my triceps and thighs, from the GWOD and HIIT, and then I had to do 6 rounds of squat thrusts and sit-ups.. The soreness in my thighs went slightly away, as they got warmed up, but don't really know what the sit-ups where for, except working the abs..

I ate more healthily, as I had leftovers of the Oriental Rice dish for lunch and dinner saturday, and sunday I had some pasta with bacon cubes, red bell pepper, and some ham cubes.

My plan is do keep using the Gorilla Workout app until this Sunday, and then change to either Max Workouts or the Nike Training Club app (test it for a review)..