Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Days 22-23

One-Arm DB Row
Didn't update yesterday, because a lot of my focus was on today's exam, so here's an update for the last 2 days :)

Yesterday I was planning on trying out the Nike Training Club app for the iPhone, but after looking through the workouts, I noticed that my place isn't really big enough, and also I don't have the equipment for most of the workouts. So then I chose to do the GWOD instead, as I've done those exercises for 3 weeks now, and could just as well continue with them, until I decide what workout / program to use. 
Well, the Gorilla Workout yesterday was a really tough one, well the Squats were. The workout consisted of 12 rounds of 20 squats and only 5 push ups. The push ups were a nice breather in between the squats, but the squats really killed me.

Yesterday I was able to sleep in, as I didn't have to be at school until 10am, so the morning was quite relaxed with a bowl of all-bran, milk, and a banana. Lunch was whole-grain bread with a few slices of meat, cucumber, and cheese, and dinner was leftovers from Sunday night; chicken curry. I had a few snacks of bananas and apples in between meals.

Seated DB Overhead Press
Today I was planning on doing some High Intensity Interval Training, and some GWOD, but after I got home from exam today, I could feel in my hamstrings, that I would need a day off from the running, and spare my legs, otherwise I would be getting closer to an overuse injury in my legs, which I would prefer to avoid.
So to make sure my legs got a rest day, I ended up doing one-arm dumbbell (DB) rows with 20lbs weight, and seated DB overhead presses also with 20lbs weights. I did 5 rounds of 8 reps of each exercise, with 30 seconds rest in-between rounds.
Both exercises really works the upper-body, and are compound exercises, as they work out multiple joints, primarily the shoulder and elbow joints. They also workout the core, as you have to use your back and abdominal muscles to stabilize the body.

I had a whole-grain bun with nutella for breakfast. I had a couple of bananas and apples for lunch, and for dinner I treated myself to a couple of pork chops and potato bites with a small portion of ketchup on the side. Really good dinner, and looking forward to eating the rest of the pork chops tomorrow.