Saturday, 28 January 2012

Days 24, 25, and 26.

Men's Fitness UK Magazine
March 2012 issue
Oops, got a few days behind on this. Well, I don't have a lot to say about Wednesday + Thursday (days 24+25), as I didn't workout at all. I was still having some trouble with my hamstrings, and as I had worked my upper-body Tuesday, it would be unwise to do it Wednesday as well. Thursday I was supposed to go running, but as my hamstrings were still sore, I decided it was best to give it another day, and see how it would be Friday.

So.. No workout on Wednesday and Thursday.. Well, I updated my facts page Friday morning, and apparently I have lost some weight, which wasn't really the goal, but my fat percentage has dropped a bit, and my muscle percentage has gone up a bit.
So as far as I can see, I'm losing fat, but not really gaining muscle, so my diet should contain some more proteins.

Right, back to the workout of Friday. As I have mentioned before, I have subscribed to the Men's Fitness UK Magazine, and Wednesday was their release of the March 2012 issue, and in every issue, they have a 3 days workout at the end of the magazine, and after reading this issue, and seeing the program, I thought, well, why not try that, with a few modifications ?. As you can see on the photo, the program requires a Barbell (BB), which I don't have access to, unless I join a gym or buy one (can't afford either).
Friday's workout in the magazine is 5 different exercises; Overhead Squats (photo), Romanian Deadlift, Barbell Lunge, Pull up, and Dip.
3 of those exercises are using BBs, so what did I modify. Well, instead of using a BB for the Romanian Deadlifts, I used 2 Dumbbells (DB), and I did the same with the Barbell lunge. Each DB weighted 20 pounds, as I'm not fully aware of my 1RM (You're supposed to use 80% of 1RM for each exercise according to the magazine), but at the same time, the max load I can put on both is 22.5 lbs. I did feel my muscles working, but I think I could have taken more weight on the Romanian Deadlift.
The Overhead Squats I decided to swap for another exercise, which ended up being Dumbbell Squat Press Ups (see photo) -->
It doesn't really work the core as much as the Overhead Press, but it does work the core in the squat, as well as the deltoidei and triceps.
I still don't have a place to do pull ups, so I did biceps curls, I know, it's not a compound exercise, but it was the only exercise I thought of at the time, even though I, now that I think of it, I could have done One-Arm DB rows.
Between every set I had 20-40 seconds of rest, but I thought of just alternating between exercises, so that instead of doing 5 set of 1 exercises before going to the next, I would rest from 1 exercise, while doing another exercise, and cut the workout time down with a few minutes.

I'm really looking forward to the workout on Monday, as I'm only going to have strength-training workouts 3 times a week the next couple of weeks, and the good thing about the program from the Men's Fitness UK Magazine, is that after using the program for a month, a new issue of the magazine is out, with another new workout, and new exercises. This means that you got a very small risk of getting stuck, and seeing no progress - if you change your workout routines every 3-4 weeks, you have a smaller risk of getting stuck at that annoying stall-phase, where you workout, but see no results.
Another great thing about the workouts, is that they don't require much, and if you don't have the necessary equipment, you can modify the workout a little, as I have done.

Hope every one is having a great weekend.