Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Gorilla Workout Review

App homescreen after
selecting level
Here's my review of the iPhone / iPad app called Gorilla Workout. I have been using the app for a little over 3 weeks now, with a workout every day.
This is what they say about their own app:
Gorilla Workout is a fast-paced, no-equipment grouping of over 40+ exercises.
And that statement fits pretty well with what I've experienced so far. When you first open the app, you start out by choosing what level you're at. There are 4 levels, which have various demands. You choose your level by the amount of push ups you can do;
Level 1: 0-10 Push Ups.
Level 2: 10-35 Push Ups.
Level 3: 35-75 Push Ups.
Level 4: 75+ Push-ups.

Level select
With some of the exercises, the level you have chosen from the amount of push-ups fits quite well, but there are some of the exercises that doesn't fit at all, like squats or lunges - Just because I can do 30 push-ups, it doesn't mean I can do the require amounts of squats a workout requires. I might have a strong upper-body, but that doesn't mean my lower-body is at the same level. Luckily for me, my lower-body is just around the level I chose, even though I have sometimes done more than 35 push-ups.

The Workouts fit so that you'll do some compound exercises (multi-joints movements), and 1 day you workout the lower-body, the next day you workout the upper-body, and then the day after it's the lower-body again. This means that you have the ability to workout every day for about 10-20 minutes, with a rest day in-between the various groups you workout.

You can choose with what intensity you do the exercises; if it feels too easy, you can do it slower, to make the muscles work harder, or faster, to train the activation of the muscles, and also a bit of cardio, by making shorter breaks in-between rounds.
I wouldn't mind having some more twisting movements, like russian twists, but those might come at a higher level.

I've noticed a lot of people want to know the rest-time between each round, and I thought I'd share my opinion on rest-time.
I think you should rest between 1-2 minutes between each round. Not longer, because that'll make the cardiovascular effects smaller.

So Pros
  • Short intense workouts (choose your own pace)
  • Can do it at your home
  • Bodyweight only
  • Good instructions; text&video
  • Compound movements
  • More twisting movements
  • Only able to select level from push-ups
So, overall a really good app, and it's available in the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad at only $1.99.
I would definitely recommend it to others looking for an easy-to-follow program, without the need of a gym.
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