Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Monday workout (Day 29)

Firstly, I want to correct myself, regarding my previous post.
I wrote: "So as far as I can see, I'm losing fat, but not really gaining muscle, so my diet should contain some more proteins". That is of course not entirely true.
It's not really possible to gain muscle mass while losing fat, as it's two different processes. To gain more muscle mass, you need to have a higher calorie intake compared to your normal calorie intake, about 500 calories more than normal.
To lose fat, you need less calories compared to your normal calorie intake, around 500 calories less, without it being dangerous.

Now, that that's been cleared, I want to tell you about my great workout yesterday, from the Men's Fitness Magazine.
The exercise consisted of Squats, Incline Dumbbell Press, Incline Dumbbell Flye, Reverse-Grip Bent-over Row, and Upright Row.
Some of the exercises required a Barbell, which I don't have, so I modified those exercises with dumbbells instead, and as I don't really have a bench, I modified those exercises with a shelf between two chairs, or inclined on the couch.
For the squats I used dumbbells as well, and all the way through, they were loaded with 20lbs.
It was a great workout, and I really felt the burn and sweat, and today I can really feel the familiar feeling of post-workout soreness around the chest and arms (Also known as DOMS; Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness).