Monday, 13 February 2012

I'm Back !!

All right, I want to start out by saying sorry for being AWOL for a little over a week. A day or two after my last post, I came down with the cold, and didn't start feeling better until Thursday last week, but didn't have any energy in my body for Friday's workout, so I chose to wait until today.
This morning I was really looking forward to working out, but after a long day at school, I was quite tired when I got home, and was not looking forward to the workout..
BUT... I did complete the workout, after a bit of persuasion from myself, and it felt really good :)
I'm still doing the Men's Fitness workout from the 2012 March issue. I would love to have space around my home to do some real workout, with a place to have a pull-up / chin-up bar and more weights for my dumbbells, but at the moment I can't really afford it..
One thing I could do would be to join a gym, but to be honest, that's not my style.. I prefer to be able to workout when I want to, not at specific times.

It was great starting to work out again, and I'm looking forward to wednesday's workout :)