Saturday, 25 February 2012

Round on round

Yesterday's workout was the 1C I had to do, 1 for cycle one, and C for it being the C- or third workout in the cycle.
The MAX Workouts program is a 12-week program, which consists of 4 cycles. A cycle is 3 weeks, where you do the same exercises, so three Monday's in a row, you do the same A workout, and so on.
Yesterday was the 1C as I mentioned before, and it's all about doing as many rounds of 3 exercises in 20 minutes as possible, and you decide how much rest you need in-between the rounds. The three exercises were Inverted Rows (Glad I finally got myself a chin-up bar), push-ups, and burpees.
I started out quite well, in my own opinion, and did the first round in 90sec, and rested for 30 seconds. Terrible idea, as I then spent about 2 minutes on the next round, and was completely winded afterwards, and had to rest for a full minute. And then it pretty much went downhill from there, with needing more time to complete the rounds, and more time to rest.
Doing a program like this, really makes me feel weak.

I finished with 6 completed rounds, and Friday next week, I have to see if I can beat the number.

Today, I'm really sore, especially around the mm. rhomboidei and mm. serratus anterior.

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