Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wednesday Workout (Day 31)

Yesterday's workout was a real core workout, as almost all the exercises focuses on core and stability.
The workout, just like the two previous days, consisted of 5 exercises, this time the Push press, Alternating Wide Shoulder Press, Gym ball Jackknife, Plank, and V-sit.
I used 20lbs dumbbells for the Push presses, but only 15lbs for the wide shoulder presses, as the weights gets heavier the further out from the body it is.
I don't have a Gym Ball, so I did the Jackknife exercise without it, but it was still pretty hard doing 4 sets of them.
All the exercises made my core work, as I had to stabilise my body throughout every exercise, which was really good.

As some might have noticed, I'm not updating my blog every day, as I did in the beginning, but the reason is that I'm not working out 6 times a week any longer, because I'm not doing HIIT, nor other types of cardio, at the moment.
Last week I was getting close to an overuse injury, which made me take a break from the running, and at the end of the week, as the weather was starting to turn colder and snowy, I decided to wait a bit with the Running training, until the weather gets better.
This means the Goal page has been updated with new current goals, and the running goals has been put on standby for now.

As I'm not home tomorrow, I'm probably going to do some bodyweight workout, as I don't have my weights with me. It would have been a good idea to have a resistance band, as I could bring it with me, and get a workout with some more resistance than only my bodyweight.
Well, it's on my next-to-buy list.