Friday, 23 March 2012

3 workouts behind...

Well, the title says the most, but not all. What I mean with 3 workouts behind, is that I'm 3 workouts behind writing about them, as I did do the workouts, just forgot to post about them..
Normally I only do the MAX Workouts at the moment, but after reading an interesting guide for people wanting to join the US Navy SEALs, called Navel Special Warfare Physical Training Guide, I decided to start running again. Especially since the weather is starting to get better :)
So I've done 3 workouts since wednesday; 2 MAX workouts and 1 Cooper's Running test.

On Wednesday I did the high intensity interval training, with the two exercises of squat dumbbell press up and sumo squat dumbbell high pull, and I tried to cut 5 seconds off the allowed 20 seconds rest, but when I came around to the last 2-3 rounds, I ended up having 20 seconds of rest.
Just like last time, my deltoidei were really hurting, but seeing as you're doing some anaerobic workout, it makes sense the muscles don't get oxygen.

So, I went for a run on Thursday, and I like to have something comparable or measurable, such as starting out with a test. One of the best tests I know, for getting your VO2Max, is the Cooper's Test. It's pretty simple, you run as far as you can in 12 minutes.
Last time I did a run, I ran 2660m in 12 minutes, which equals to a VO2max of 47.89ml/kg/min. I haven't been out running since sometime January, but yesterday I managed to run 2900 meters. I was completely exhausted when I got home, and my lungs burned most of the run. It's actually the only thing stopping me from running faster.. My breathing can't keep up.
2900 meters in 12 minutes, however, gives a VO2max of 53.33 ml/kg/min, according to this website, which in my age-range is superior, according this:

I'm pretty happy about this, and my goal is to increase it over the next couple of months.
I have of course added this to my Facts and Goal page.

Today, I did the Friday workout of the MAX Workouts program, and did 7 rounds in the 20 minutes, and it was extremely tough. The pull-ups you need to do, I started out with a wide grip, but ended up having to use a normal shoulder-width grip.
My knees didn't really hurt compared to last week. But they did start feeling sore, though my guess is it was because of the workout, and not really pain.

Hope everyone will have a great weekend. I'm planning on spending mine, going for another run, do a gymnastics performance with the team I coach, and study a lot of anatomy, as I have my anatomy exam next week.

See ya :)

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