Saturday, 31 March 2012

Behind, again..

Wide Grip Pull Up
I know, I know.. I'm behind with my posts regarding my workouts..
The reason for this, is that I had an exam in Human Anatomy yesterday, and pretty much every waking hour last this week has been spent on studying for the exam.
The exam was a 2 hour written exam, with around 26 questions regarding muscles, joints, nerves, and blood vessels. And the curriculum was pretty extensive, and I should have started earlier.

Well, enough about the exam.
I did manage to find time to workout though, and I did the three last workouts of this level.
I finished the level with the Friday's workout test, and managed to do 8 rounds, 1 more round than last week.
For the test, I started out with wide grip pull ups, though after the 5th round, I had to do a normal grip (Hands and elbows directly above shoulders).

Next week, I'll begin on the third level of the MAX Workouts program, and I'm half-way through it now.

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