Sunday, 11 March 2012

End of first Cycle/Level + Resting Heart Rate

Suunto t3c
Today I completed the last exercise in the first cycle of the MAX Workouts program. It was a tough one, just like the previous two weeks, but I did manage to complete 1 round more than last Friday (being 8).
It might not sound like a lot, but doing 9 rounds of inverted rows (8), push ups (10), and burpies (12) in a maximum of 20 minutes is pretty hard.. You should try it yourself, if you think otherwise.

Tomorrow I start on a new cycle, or level, and it looks like it's going to be even tougher than this cycle, but I can feel my body getting stronger and getting more energy every week, so I would say the program is working so far.

Resting Heart Rate
I also did an experiment today, because I'm curious about how fit I am, otherwise, why would put in the time for this kind of workout.
According to various websites, the average heart rate for an adult is 60-80 (or 60-100) beats per minut (bpm), and lower for well-trained athletes.

So, I was curious, what is mine.. I don't think I'm in the best shape, so I donned my heart rate monitor, and laid down for 10 minutes and just relaxed. In those 10 minutes, I averaged a heart rate of 52 bpm. I'm quite happy about that, but was still pretty surprised, since I'm not as well trained as I want to be.

According to some websites, having a RHR of 49-55, when being between 18 and 25, is in the range of athletes.
Of course there are some athletes with a lower RHR, such as Lance Armstrong (32-34 bpm) and Miguel Indurain (29 bpm)

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