Thursday, 8 March 2012

Time for an update..

Sorry I've been behind on this, pretty much an entire week behind actually.. So I'll start out with last Friday.
It was time to do a test to see how much I'd improved over the last week, and I had.. The first time I did the test, I was able to complete 6 rounds in 20 minutes, and last Friday I made it through 8 rounds, being 2 more than the first time. I still had a minute to go after the 8th round, but was unable to complete it in time, so hopefully I'll beat 8 rounds on Saturday (I'm unable to do the test tomorrow).

Last Monday was the last Monday workout of this cycle, and I was able to do 5 rounds with 20lbs in all rounds. I didn't need to go down in weight, and I managed to stay with the 30 seconds of rest between every round.
At the end of round 5, I was really tired in my shoulders, and it was really hard to do the jumping pull-ups.

Yesterday, I was able to do 5 rounds with 17.5lbs, and just like Monday, I didn't have to drop some of the weight, to complete the workout. I started out with 30 seconds of rest between each round, but after 3 rounds, I needed 45 seconds of rest.
The most difficult exercise of this workout was the Dumbbell push up rows, as I have most of my weight in the palm of my hand on a dumbbell with round weights. So it really challenges your core and balance as well.

So far I can definitely recommend this workout :)