Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I'm baaaaack

So.. It's almost 3 weeks since I made my last post, and I want to tell you why, it's been so long.

We could just take a look at the photo, I've added.. It looks like a dead person crawling out of the earth, or perhaps a Zombie.. The last couple of weeks, I have kinda been living in a Zombie-state..
3 weeks ago, I started studying for a crazy exam, and most of my days went like this:

Get up in the morning, go to school and meet up with my group, study for the exam, go home, get some dinner, go to bed, and so on..
Well, I passed my exam on Friday the 13th, which meant I could have just as well started working out again Monday last week.. But instead, I chose to visit my family, and didn't have any weights with me, so I decided I would start Monday this week.

So, last time I worked out, I had just started on the Level 3 workout of the MAX Workouts, and since it has now been 3 weeks since I started, I decided to start with week 1 of Level 3.

The workout consists of only 3 exercises; the Squat, the Hang Power Clean with Press Ups, and Burpees.
Last time I did the workout, I used 20lbs weights, and I chose to go down 2.5lbs per dumbbell, as I haven't worked out for almost 3 weeks.. It was a really tough workout, and I'm looking forward to being able to go back on the 20lbs again :)

Today I was planning on going for a run, but during class today I changed my mind. That might sound like a bad idea, but I'll to tell you why, I changed my mind..
The subject I had today was Træning og Bevægelse (loosely translated to Training and Movement). Today we learned about the Borg Scale, which is about perceived exertion, which meant we had to do a lot jumping and running around.
We also did a running-test, where we had to run between two cones as fast as possible. The cones weren't too far from each other, I'd estimate it to be 10-12 meters or so, which meant a lot of turns. The test would take 5 minutes, but it would be divided into 15secs of sprinting followed by 15secs of rest, and so on for the full 5 minutes.
I had my Heart-Rate Monitor on me, and in those 5 minutes my puls averaged 185 bpm, and even though my Max heart rate is calculated to 191.9 through this formula: 208 - ( 0.7 x 23 ), I reached a maximum heart rate of 194 bpm.

I am completely sore almost everywhere in my body and I have to:
It's good to be back !!