Friday, 11 May 2012

And another week

Time for another update..
Monday was pretty good.. It's the last week of MAX Workouts level 3, and I used the 20 lbs dumbbells, which is more than last week. So instead of taking the 30 seconds rest, as recommended, I chose to take 45 seconds rest, because of the more heavier weights.

Tuesday, I had planned on going for a run, but I had some trouble breathing, so I didn't make it..
I made up for it the next day though..

Wednesday, I did the MAX Workout 3B before going to school, and again I used heavier dumbbells compared to last week, which made it a bit tougher.
I had to go to Næstved for school wednesday, where we had to do  some physiology cycling aerobic tests.. First we had to do a 2-points test, to calculate our 100% intensity. Afterwards, I had to do a 30 minutes test of 45 seconds of 85% intensity and 15 seconds rest. So 30 intervals of 45 sec work / 15 sec break..
I don't think we found the right 100% load, because I wasn't completely busted after the workout, though I did have an average heart rate of 161 bpm (76.76% intensity VO2 max.. So not quite at the proper level)..

Thursday, or yesterday, I was feeling slightly heavy in my legs, but not really DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness).
We had to coach our PT knee-rehab, I talked about 10 days ago or so, in the afternoon, and they liked it a lot more, than last week.. We did a more gymnastics-like warm up, and they seemed to like it.
Afterwards, during the evening, I went for a CHI run (Continuously High Intensity), which means that I had to run around 8 or 9 on a scale from 1-10, or 80-90% of 100% intensity for full 15 minutes.
I was quite exhausted when I got home.. I had calculated my 90% intensity heart rate to 179 bpm, and when I got home from my 15 minutes run, I noticed I had an average heart rate of 180 bpm, so I'd say that I managed to hit the intensity quite well..
I only managed to run 3.2 km though.. I would have liked it to be between 3.5km and 4km.. That'll happen soon though :D

I'm still at school right now, so I haven't worked out today yet, but that'll happen when I get home..

If you don't hear from me later today, have a lovely weekend then :)

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