Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A few days..

Inverted Rows at an outdoor Training Pavillion
It's been a few days since my last update, last Sunday.
Monday was 2nd week of the MAX Workouts program, and it went pretty good. I did the Dumbbell deadlift using 22.5 lbs weights, and I could feel I was working the muscles, though the following Plyo-push ups, inverted rows, and Burpees were tougher.
I don't think the 22.5 lbs per dumbbell is enough weight. I think I could manage more, except I don't have any more weights to put on..
Time to start thinking about getting some more weights, perhaps a barbell as well..

Tuesday I had Træning og bevægelse (Training & Movements) at school, and we had to do some aerobic exercises, small sequences to music, which were quite fun, except the sounds system was really crappy.
We also had to do some strength / strength-related training sequences, and I ended up doing plenty of squads, lunges, and other body-weight exercises.
You gotta love going to school and having to work out :)

The weather has also started to become better, with the degrees getting closer to summer-ish temperatures (between 22°c and 25°c). Because of the heat, I was quite warm and sweaty, when I got home, and decided to go for a run immediately, instead of needing 2 showers in 1 day (2 birds with 1 stone).
It was extremely hot to run, and my legs felt like lead the entire way. I also had some trouble getting my breathing under control, and it was quite difficult to breathe, because of the hot air.
I ended up running 3.4 km in 16m40s, so not a personal best.

Today started Boot Camp, a challenge I've accepted on Fitocracy, which basically is all about getting as many points as possible from doing Pull ups, Push ups, Crunches, Sit-ups, and Running.
So instead of just doing the Wednesday workout of MAX Workouts, I did 2 sets of pull ups, push ups, and crunches this morning, as well as after the MAX Workouts.
I'll definitely be feeling it tomorrow.