Sunday, 13 May 2012


You might be asking, what is this Fitocracy-thing, and I'll tell ya (or at least do my best).
Fitocracy is an online community, for people wanting to workout, whether it's for competition goals, health benefits, life style changes, you name it, there are people wanting to do the same.
It doesn't matter how you look, or what your goals are - If you want to be social, while working out, and get motivated. I can definitely recommend Fitocracy.
I joined the Fitocracy community last week, and I'm absolutely liking it. I learned about it, through their Free iPhone App. It's all about tracking / logging your workouts, socializing with other people, and in that way get motivated.

Every time you've logged a workout, you earn points (unless it's the "sitting on your butt" - That'll actually give you negative points). These points are calculated in some crazy way, depending on duration / reps, weight, etc (depending on the exercise as well).
You use the points to gain levels, and for every level, you need more points to level up, pretty much like a Role-Playing-Game (RPG).
This keeps it really interesting, and make you want to keep working out, especially if you're just a few hundred points away from gaining a new level :)

100 Props received Achievement
So, what are props.. Well, after you've tracked and submitted your workout to the Fitocracy community, you might receive some notifications about people giving you Props..
The props is a way of saying "Good job", "Way to go", and "Keep up the good work".. You could also call it the Fitocracy version of Google+'s +1 or Facebook's Like button.
And it's really motivating, to receive all those props, it's also another way to keep motivated, just like the leveling system mentioned above. You don't get any points from Props, but they are still nice to get.

The amazing Fitocracy community also have a lot of quests, just like an RPG, and you earn extra points in your workouts, for completing quests. These are probably one of the best motivators for working out, if you're a bit lazy one day, that is..
Sunday last week, where I shortly mentioned Fitocracy, I was really not motivated at all, but then I started browsing through the various quests in the app, and I managed to complete a couple of the quests, such as the "Century Push" - Perform 100 push ups in as few sets as possible, "Pull Yourself Up" - Try out some of these staple pull up variations. Complete these within 7 days (Pull up, Chin up, Wide grip pull up).
So from not being motivate at all, to doing 100 push ups in 4 sets of 25, just by browsing the app.. That's something.
And when some of the quests are done, some tougher ones appear.

There are tons of groups you can join, and I can definitely recommend joining some of them. It's a good way to find inspiring people to follow, and also a good way to get yourself out there, and find some likeminded people, working out for the same reasons as you, or just having the same interests.
For example I'm in a group called Denmark, which is purely for Danes, or in the group Blogs and Fitness! for people who write, read, or enjoy blogs and fitness, which is a good way for me to find inspiration.

Groups can also make challenges, and to be honest I don't know much about them, as I've only just recently joined the community. But here is what I know so far:
There are various challenge types, from Free for All, which is just gathering as many points as possible in the allotted time, to Most Running Distance - getting the highest distance, to Heaviest Barbell Deadlift - most Kg lifted, and many more.
Even though I haven't accepted any challenge yet, I would say it's pretty motivating.

There is probably a tons of stuff more to write about, but this is what I have for you thus far.

Before I go, I just want to list some of the advantages and disadvantages about Fitocracy and the iPhone App
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Amazing community (Not judgmental at all, MAJOR PROPS!!)
  • Motivating through various ways
    • Points for working out
    • Props
    • Groups
    • Challenges
  • Highly addicting
  • Some exercises missing
  • No Android support so far
So as you can see, at least from my point of view, there are more Pros than Cons, and I can definitely recommend this app and community..

Feel free to follow me there, and I'll be sure to follow you back, and help keep you motivated :)