Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Last couple of days..

First of all.. I really need to start posting more often again. I'm simply slacking too much, not on the workouts, but on the blogging (at least it's not the other way around).

The Physical Therapy (PT) education in Denmark consists of 14 modules of 10 weeks each, focussing on various topics. I'm so far on the 4th module, and it's about training, movements, and working out.
This means that we need to learn how to coach from a PT perspective, and every Thursday, we have training.
Last Thursday was the first day, and we tried out the workout, the team normally does. It's a team consisting of 5-8 guys and girls, around the age of 14-25 I'd say, and have had problems with their knees, either ACL reconstruction, problems with their menisci, or some un-diagnosed knee problems but can be treated with training. The team is a High Load team, which means they are fairly far in their rehabilitation, and I was surprised of how great in shape they are. Some of them probably better than me..

Well, it was a 60 minutes workout, and we had some stability training (jumping and landing on 1 foot), as well as some strength training (lunges and squats), and finished with some circuit training.
The sweat was dripping down from me, when we were done, but quite a good workout :)

Monday was the 2nd week of the 3A workout, and it was pretty good.. I still used 17.5lbs weights, just as last week, but had 45 seconds of rest, instead of 60 seconds.
I'm planning on moving on to 20lbs dumbbells and 30 seconds rest next time.
The squats are not a problem, but it is a bit tough for my shoulders during the power clean press up, and the burpees are just brutal. Get winded by them.

During this modul of the PT education, we also need to do a lot of cardiovascular tests, and today was my group's turn to teach my classmates about one of them, and we had the Free Distance Running.
There were only 3 parameters for this test, to make it valid and re-test-able
  1. Distance should be between 1.5km to 42km.
  2. The person(s) doing the test, should run as fast as possible and be warmed up
  3. The route should be a flat as possible.
We had chosen a 2k run, and I chose to run with the others, as we were enough to guide and record the times.
I managed to place 3rd with the time 7 minutes and 55 seconds, and my goal was 8 minutes 15 seconds, so I'm quite satisfied with myself.
I of course used my Heart Rate Monitor, and had an average heart rate of 187 bpm, which is about 96% of my Max Heart Rate (of 194 bpm), or 95% intensity according to this calculation: Relative intensity/load = (HRwork - HRrest) / (HRmax - HRrest) <-> 0.95 = (187bpm - 52bpm) / (194bpm - 52bpm).