Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Weekend and Diablo 3

Well, I hope everyone had a great weekend, with some good workouts :)

I was doing the last workout of level 3 MAX Workouts (3C workout) with an LSD (Long Slow Distance) run afterwards.. The run was 5k, with a new Personal Record (PR) of 23m50s, beating my previous time with 36 seconds improvement of my last 5k.

Saturday was my rest day, and I didn't do much, besides walking in a shopping mall and walking to the train station.

Sunday, however, was time for the INT (interval) run, and I did a few minutes to warm up, and the followed with 5 intervals of 400 meters sprint, and 45 seconds rest, mainly walked to catch my breath.
I deviated from the Running program in the Nay SEALs Physical Training Guide, as I didn't run the 400 meters in the time allotted - I had 1m40s to do it, and did it under 1 minute, and in the program, I should take around 2 minutes of rest, which I didn't.. So I was REALLY busted, afterwards, but felt REALLY good :)

Monday was start of Level 4, and I did the 4A with quite high intensity. Dumbbell Deadlifts with 22.5 lbs, Plyo Push ups (Push ups where you actually push off the ground), Inverted Rows, and Burpees.
It was a good workout, and a few hours later I had Gymnastics, where we also did some conditioning.
My Latissimus dorsii was quite sore the yesterday from it.

Well, now for the Diablo 3 part (you might think you want to skip this part, but you don't)
After I got home from Gymnastics Monday evening, I was getting ready for the midnight launch of D3, and ended up playing from 01.45 in the morning (when I finally, got in, after 1h 45m of trying) to 04.30, where I went to bed, as I had school afterwards.
I managed to get to school, where we had to do a 1.6 km walking test, and teach a class of 6-7 year olds.
I was quite tired, when I got home from school, especially after 2.5 hours of sleep. But that was my own fault, I know ;)
I wasn't really motivated for my LSD run, and told myself, that it would be all right, if I ran the 5.3k a bit slower, than my 5k pace. Around the 2.5k mark, I started to get side stitch, and after 3k, I had to slow my pace a little, but I actually managed to get another PR for my 5k, even though I ran 300 meters further.
My new 5k PR is 22m59s, 51 seconds better than before..

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