Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fitness Lingo

This is a little definitions post about the fitness language, or fitness lingo. Thought it would be fitting for people just starting out in the fitness world.
It is in alphabetical order, and if you are looking for a specific term or word that you've heard, you can scroll down to the letter it begins with, or search for it, pressing CTR+F (Windows) or CMD+F (Mac).

If you got some more terms or words you think should be added to the list, please comment below along with the definition.

  • % RM = Percentage of your 1RM. Example: Deadlift 85% RM, and your 1RM is 150 Kg, you would lift 127.5 Kg.
  • #x# = number of sets and repetitions per sets. Example: 3x8 would mean 3 sets of 8 repetitions.
  • 1RM = 1 repetition maximum. The amount of load you can lift for 1 repetition of an exercise, and not more.
  • 6-pack = When your body-fat percentage is so low, that all the sections of the abdominal muscles can be seen.

  • ATG = Ass to Grass - When you use the full ROM of a squat, so your hamstrings touches the calves, and making your butt being close enough to the ground, that the grass would touch it.

  • BB = Barbells
  • Big Three, the = Refers to the 3 most basic and important exercises; Bench press, Squat, and Deadlift.
  • Bulk / Bulking = When your caloric intake is much higher than the body needs, in order to gain weight. Opposite to Cutting

  • Concentric contraction = The muscle contracts and the origin and insertion of the muscle gets closer to each other.
  • Cutting = The opposite of bulking. When you reduce your caloric intake below what the body requires, in order to drop fat.

  • DB = Dumbbells
  • DOMS = Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. The soreness you feel in your muscles a day or two after you've been working out.

  • Eccentric contraction = The muscles contracts, while the origin and insertion of the muscle moves farther away from each other.

  • Feel the Burn = When you can feel the lactic acid build up in the muscles.

  • Hard-gainer = A person who has a hard time gaining weight
  • Hypertrophy = Often refers to muscular hypertrophy, which is where your muscles get bigger, due to the volume of the muscle tissue increasing.

  • Isometric contraction = The muscle contracts without the origin and insertion of the muscle moving.

  • LBM = Lean Body Mass - The weight of your bones, organs, and muscles. So basically everything but the weight of your fat. Example: Say my weight is 80 Kg, and my fat% is 10, I'd weight 80-8 = 72 Kg.
  • Lockout = The last few inches of the ROM in an exercise, for example when the arms are fully straight during a Bench Press.

  • Plateau = When any kind of progress comes to a halt.
  • PR = Personal Record - When you for example lift a weight you haven't been able to lift before.

  • Reps = Short for repetitions.
  • Ripped = Being ripped refers to people with very low body-fat percentage, often single digits.
  • ROM = Range of Motion, the movement a specific joint can do, or in a specific exercise. Example: Half ROM in a Squat, you'd only squat halfway down, what you normally can.

  • Six pack = When your body-fat percentage is so low, that all the sections of the abdominal muscles can be seen.

  • Tempo = The speed you perform an exercises. Sometimes written with 4 numbers such as 1234. First number refers to the first phase, such as the eccentric motion in a squat, second number is the isometric hold, between the eccentric and concentric phase, third refers to the 3rd phase, or the concentric motion in the squat, and the fourth number is the pause between reps.