Monday, 23 July 2012

Vacation Workouts

Me Beach-Running
Since I'm on vacation with family right now, and we're too far away from a gym (I didn't plan the vacation) for me to go there and work out, I have to find another solution.
I'm probably not the only one going on vacation around this time of year, and I'm probably not the only one to go to a place, where there isn't a gym nearby, so I thought why not share my solution with you guys.

Of course you can almost always go for a run. I'd say it's near impossible to find a vacation location, where you'll be unable to go for a run.
So as for cardio, you can go for a run or, if you brought your bike, you can go for a ride.

But what about Strength work..?
Well, there are tons of Body-weight exercises you can do almost anywhere, without needing any sort of equipment. Some of the best exercises, in my opinion, are the compound or full-body exercises.
Put a couple of full-body exercises together and do it with high intensity and the result is a short, but highly effective workout, which means you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the vacation, instead of spending it working out all the time.
You will probably not see any strength gains if you're used to lifting heavy weights in the Gym, but it's a good alternative to maintain your current strength-level instead of doing nothing for a week or two.

EDIT: A mate of mine commented on Fitocracy, that you can also fill some water bottles with either water or sand, which you can use as a form of dumbbells. Also quite recommendable, and you can add them to most exercises.

What I do, is that I do a couple of full-body exercises followed by some core exercises.
So here's a list of my favourite exercises to do;

  • Squats. There are many types of squats, such as the following;
    • Squat jumps.
    • Regular squats with a rucksack for weight.
    • One legged squats, also known as Pistols. 
  • Lunges 
    • Forward.
    • Backwards.
    • Side.
    • Jump.
  • Push-ups
    • Plyometric, such as Clap Push-ups.
    • Wide.
    • Lifted, where your feet is on a bench or bed.
    • Handstand, for the really hardcore guys out there.
  • Pull ups
    • Narrow grip.
    • Regular grip.
    • Wide grip.
    • Parallel grip
    • Muscle Ups (Both a pull and push exercise, and for the really hardcore people. It's recommendable)
  • Burpees
  • Dips


  • Crunch (so many different variations)
  • Plank.
  • Side plank lift.
  • Half-bridge.
  • Mountain Climbers.
  • Windshield Wipers (Great for rotational core)
All of these exercises are easily found on Google, if you don't know them or don't know how they are performed.

I hope this gave you some ideas of what to do, if you're on vacation and there isn't a gym near you.
Of course you are also able to do these as your regular workouts, if you don't like going to a gym.