Monday, 19 November 2012

Importance of Back training, when doing chest-work

How much do you bench ?
That is often the most asked question, if you talk with friends about working out.
Men often want a big chest and women likes a man with broad shoulders and a big chest.

So, we are often training our chest, doing all kinds of exercises like the bench press, dumbbell flyes, decline- and incline bench press, because we want that big looking chest, and want to hit it from all angles.

One thing some people forget though, is that you have to hit the muscles in the back with just as many exercises, sets, and kilos as with the chest.
If not, we might end up with a dysfunction of the upper body, known as Upper Crossed Syndrome, where the shoulders are pulled forward by short chest muscles and weak muscles in the back, especially the rhomboideii.

Working your chest a lot, makes the muscles bigger and tighter, pulling your shoulder forward, so in order to prevent that from happening, but still being able to work your chest, you need to do some exercises pulling the shoulders backward, such as the Pendlay Row (video below), Inverted Row, Lying row, and Inverted Dumbbell Flyes.

So, if you're not doing as many back exercises in your weekly workout routine as you do chest exercises, I would recommend starting.
Of course there are times, where you should do it, such as if your back is stronger than your chest, etc.
Remember to use your head, when creating a workout routine :)

Older video for Form Check, it's better now ;)