Friday, 7 February 2014

How to NOT miss a workout

Week 6 training schedule
This morning I was close to NOT going to the gym, because I'd slept terribly, but I did get to the gym, and I ended up with a good, hard workout.
So I started thinking that I should give you some tips on how to not miss a workout.
Of course, there will be times, where you're too sick to go get a workout in, or something else gets in the way, like an accident or something.
Here are some of my tips:

1. Add it to your weekly schedule. Make time for working out.
I've made it a habit of going to the gym to lift in the morning before classes, which leaves the afternoon for the endurance sessions, since the pool is too far away from where I live, to go there in the morning.
Above you can see my workout schedule for next week.

2. Imagine all your workouts are job-interviews with yourself. You don't want to be late or miss a job-interview

3. Find a partner. Even if you're the type of guy that likes to work out alone and not talk to anyone, find a partner and agree to meet at the gym at XX-time. Just so you're accountable to someone.
Also, this way you have a spotter, if you need one for some of the heavier lifts, even if you don't talk during the workout.
- I normally workout alone, but this morning, a few of my classmates and I had agreed to meet before class, which was the reason why I got myself to the gym, even though I hadn't slept much.

More tips will come at a later time,
Have a nice weekend.