Friday, 16 May 2014

What is Overuse?

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Overuse is an overload of the tissue and can be caused by repetitive, forceful impacts[1]. It is not a broken wrist or concussion, since those are acute injuries. DiFiori et al[2] defines the cause as follows; “Overuse injuries occur due to repetitive submaximal loading of the musculoskeletal system when rest is not adequate to allow for structural adaptation to take place”.

 Rest is where the body rebuilds itself to be just as strong as before or stronger (super-compensation)[1 p. 60]. Restitution is an important factor in order to prevent overuse injuries. Beyer et al’s[3 p. 354] definition of restitution is “The term is used together with training, where restitution is synonymous with rests between training sessions, where tissue needs to rebuild after a training-induced tissue-breakdown” (translated from Danish: “Begrebet bruges I forbindelse med træning, hvor restitution er synonymt med pauser mellem træningspas, hvor væv skal genoprettes efter en træningsinduceret vævsnedbrydning”).

If you work out during the restitution period, you break down more of the body’s tissue, than it rebuilds, which can result in overuse injuries[1 p. 60]. There are many factors determining, how long the restitution period needs to be, before the body is ready for another workout, and is determined amongst other things by the load as well as nutrition, rest, and sleep. The load is a combination of frequency, intensity, and duration[1 p. 62].

If the workload is greater than the restitution, you’re in risk of getting an injury.
Just one example, is the Iliotibial Band Pain Syndrome, which I shortly explained the other month.

If I should say 1 thing you'll have to take with you from this little article, then it has to be this:

Make sure, you get enough rest, nutrition, and sleep between workouts,
so you don't injure yourself!

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