About Me

Name: Stefan Høegh-Neumann
Age: 25, born 8-8-1988
Nationality: Denmark
Occupation: Student of Physical Therapy

I'm 25 years old and from Denmark, I'm studying Physical Therapy and have less than a year to go.

In my spare time, I do gymnastics and also do a lot of working out, both strength and endurance training. You can find my workout routine here.

Besides my gymnastics and working out, I'm also interested in reading, movies, gaming, outdoor life, photography, and music.

I've done Basic Training in the Royal Danish Air Force, been to Australia, where I coached gymnastics, and attended a gymnastics academy after high school called Ollerup Academy of Physical Education.

At first I made this blog, so my friends could keep an eye on, and motivate me in changing my lifestyle, but I have since then changed direction to a more informative blog about fitness.
To read the original introduction to my blog, click here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via one of the social network sites I'm on; Twitter, Google+, or Facebook (see links below)

Progress Photos
Left: 25th February 2012, 1 week after starting the MAX Workouts program,
Right: 13th June 2012, after finishing the MAX Workouts program.
As you can see on the photo above, I've managed to look less skinny and actually gain some muscle mass as well.
I'm starting to look a bit more normal on the photo to the right, and my shoulders and lats are more muscular. The chest looks more normal too.

Other websites I'm on:
- Fitocracy
- LinkedIn
- BodySpace

My favourite sites:
- Fitocracy - About Fitocracy here.
IMDb - Internet Movie Database.
- Friluftslageret.dk - Danish outdoor equipment store.
- Movescount.com - Suunto tracking site for workouts.